Howard K. Stern Is Sitting In The Passenger Side Of His Best Friend’s Ride, Trying To Holla At Me

February 22nd, 2007 // 14 Comments


God, what a boll weevil this man is. Howard K. Stern admitted on the stand yesterday that Anna Nicole paid for everything .

Under grilling from lawyers and Judge Seidlin, Stern admitted that Smith paid the $950 rent on his apartment, and that she gave him cash to buy personal items such as shoes.

But wasn’t he her “lawyer”? Couldn’t he have billed for that? Shoes? You let your woman buy you shoes? I mean, I’ve been a kept man before, but at least I got a cover job down at the Dairy Queen so no one could say anything. And I pretended that I was able to afford my Coach flip-flops because I was slaving away over the crunch coat and making bitches the perfect Blizzard. Now, you’re up on the stand admitting to everyone that some high bitch kept you as a flunkie and made you her man-servant and bought you a pair of Payless once in awhile to give you the impression you were earning your keep. Good lord, you define “sniveling”.

By J. Harvey

  1. Jaime

    He slipped up to, after talking about an interview filmed by ET the jugde asked if she was impaired, Howard said “no thats just the way she talks, she always talks like that” the judge was like “really???” and Howard was like “yeah sometimes she was even MORE impaired then that” and the judge busted him for admitting she was impaired.

  2. Lisa

    I totally wish I had sound on my computer at work.

  3. lisard

    makes it more likely that he will inherit if she was supporting him anyway…..

  4. SoCute

    AHAHHAHA!! I luv the title

  5. D'on D'Floor

    BEST …. HEADLINE …. EVER …. !!!!!

  6. Mali

    Oh my lawd…whew! my ribs are killing from the laughter

  7. shannon

    This man loved Anna Nicole and was dedicated to her. I would say that anything of value Anna Nicole bought for Howard K. Stern was owed to him.
    People should take in consideration all the legal work that Howard did for Anna Nicole, the one big case that he has been handling for her for several years now he hasn’t been paid for.

  8. Linda

    He loved her, followed her around, tried to keep her alive and safe. She abused him, trusted him, relied on him. He did not take drugs she did. He loved her and tried to protect her and her wishes. If she wanted to be with Larry she would have but she didn’t for some reason and she left town to make sure Larry did not get the baby. She married Howard and put his name on the birth certificate because she did not want anyone else near her baby but her and Howard.

  9. Nic

    larry Birkhead is a dumd ass!!
    he only wants money…Howard though misguided he maybe in his devotion to Anna.By enabling her ..because he loved her so much…He was always there..And she said that he is the father..So who cares about Biology..He is on the B..Cerificate..i think if Anna wanted that Dumb ass larry on it, she would have put his is so Clear to me that when she was alive she did not want him..Is it a suprise to us all..As far as i am concerned Howard is the father..It does not take sperm to make you a Daddy…

  10. Helen

    Howard loved Anna. Anyone in a situation where there is substance abuse knows that only the abuser can stop the activity. I believe he loved her. Everyone thinks that he isolated her…Thank GOD. Her mother is a total illiterate, self serving, loser. Larry is looking for noteriety. Howard loved her. That is that. Ask Kimmy who spent many hours with both. I think the judge made the right decision. If anna was alive she would want howard to inherit the cash and the care of dannielynn. WHAT WOULD ANNA WANT??? That is the question. Search your souls. It would be Howard K. Stern.

  11. Sandra Oswald

    Howard K. Stern appears to have been Anna’s only true friend, the one who truly loved her. So, what if he chose NOT to bill her and instead allow her to reimburse him by paying his rent etc. It is nobody’s business but their’s.

    Sometimes jealousy shows itself through critical remarks and riducle.

    Howard is the father of the baby. The baby is beginning to look like him more and more. I hope that he is not only the legal father but the biological one also. Danielynn deserves a father who never trashed her mother. Larry Birkhead doesn’t qualify in that regard. As soon as he wasn’t getting his way with Anna he started accusing her of sleeping around etc. You don’t do that to someone you love!

    I believe Anna finally looked around and saw Howard for the decent and nice guy he is and she fell in love with him. She saws her fair weather friends turn on her as some of them are currently doing now. The house should be Danielyn’s, if it was a gift or a loan to be paid the deed still was for Anna. Give Howard and the baby’s guardian an opportunity to pay the loan back as was the original agreement with Anna. Don’t backstab her now that she needs you to be her friend in death and to help watch out for her baby.

  12. ellen

    It is great to see the posts on this site. I’ve been saying the same all along….that Howard loved Anna…was the only one there for her…and if he didn’t bill her for all that he did for her…why is it so wrong for her to have paid for him? She wanted him there all the time…so he was merely honoring her wishes….and they were fine with the situation…so that’s where the inquisition should end! Whose business is this anyway?? I, too… want Dannielynn to remain with Howard….Larry “allegedly” got Anna pregnant twice during their times together…yet he said he had no intention of every marrying her! Whatta guy! He’s a punk who has certainly yet to get his act together….and I don’t trust his intentions whatsoever. As for Virgie…she is about as vile as it gets…actually, she should be arrested for impersonating a human being.

    If Howard happens to read any of these posts…which I don’t believe he would for all the dishonor he has received…I would just like to tell him he has my best wishes for this sad saga to end with his being the victor. You deserve to have a life of peace with Dannielynn and to be able to remember the one you loved, her son who you also cared for, as far away as possible from the media circus…and the uniformed public’s remarks. As my mother used to say…”from my mouth to G-d’s ears”!

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