Howard K. Stern Is Sitting In The Passenger Side Of His Best Friend’s Ride, Trying To Holla At Me


God, what a boll weevil this man is. Howard K. Stern admitted on the stand yesterday that Anna Nicole paid for everything .

Under grilling from lawyers and Judge Seidlin, Stern admitted that Smith paid the $950 rent on his apartment, and that she gave him cash to buy personal items such as shoes.

But wasn’t he her “lawyer”? Couldn’t he have billed for that? Shoes? You let your woman buy you shoes? I mean, I’ve been a kept man before, but at least I got a cover job down at the Dairy Queen so no one could say anything. And I pretended that I was able to afford my Coach flip-flops because I was slaving away over the crunch coat and making bitches the perfect Blizzard. Now, you’re up on the stand admitting to everyone that some high bitch kept you as a flunkie and made you her man-servant and bought you a pair of Payless once in awhile to give you the impression you were earning your keep. Good lord, you define “sniveling”.