Howard K. Stern Delaying The Inevitable

This bitch needs to give it up, already. It’s over, Johnny! Why delay if you’re the Daddy? Ass. Howard K. Stern has filed an appeal to delay the DNA paternity testing.

Howard K. Stern has filed an appeal in his ongoing paternity battle over Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn, this according to “Entertainment Tonight.”

TMZ is told that the appeal will absolutely delay the reveal of DNA results, but for how long is unknown. The next hearing is April 3.

Last week, Stern followed court orders and drove Dannielynn to a lab for a DNA swab. Larry Birkhead also gave a sample.

Though, I will say this is just the latest chapter in The Greatest Story Ever Told. Speaking truthfully, I have never witnessed events that were so soap opera-like. Not that I’m going to be sad when it’s over or anything. But I am still waiting for Anna’s previously unknown twin sister Mamie to roll into town and lay a claim on the baby, and to find out that Kimmie killed Anna. And that’s when the earthquake hits, trapping Larry Birkhead with Anna’s loyal nurse, and causing the Midjagorean diamonds to plummet into the crevasse along with Bobby Trendy.

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