Howard K. Stern Clowning Around With Anna Nicole On Video

Last night on FOX News Channel, a bizarre video of Anna Nicole Smith aired on Greta Van Susteren’s show. Smith, whose face is covered in strange, clown-like make-up, was filmed by Howard K. Stern and appears heavily sedated as she struggles to hold a conversation with her lawyer/boyfriend behind the camera. She is eight months pregnant in the video and at one point, coos in a baby-talk voice over a doll in a baby carriage while Stern attempts to tease her with by asking the following question over and over.

“Is this a mushroom trip?”

After it finally becomes apparent to Stern that Anna is in no state to comprehend his little “joke,” he finally relents with, “I’m kidding.”

In a different segment of the video, Stern makes the offhanded observation on-camera that:

“This footage is worth money.”

I think the most disturbing thing about this whole video is that it makes it look like Anna was a fan of the “Insane Clown Posse” and that would just be embarrassing.