How To Vajazzle Like Jennifer Love Hewitt

Thanks to Jennifer Love Hewitt the art of Vajazzling is in the public eye with an appearance on the Geroge Lopez show and an entire chapter to it in her new book The Day I Shot Cupid. While princess Hewitt wasn’t accessible to her subjects during a recent book signing (we hope things went better yesterday at Borders – can’t really tell from posed photos) one of my favorite sites ehow makes the pink taco pimping trend accessible to you all.

The steps are pretty easy actually easy:

1. First get Lady Gaga’s waxer

2. Use some of those Swarovski crystals you’ve been saving to knock off those Stuart Weizman stiletto boot.

3. For safety reasons stay higher up in your decorating.

4. When it’s time to  hit up the waxer again, remove sparkle before your love triangle is mistaken a short-haired Ke$ha.