How Perez Hilton Nearly Killed Off Jacklyn Smith

Jumping to conclusions are reading a story from multiple sources one iffy Honduran source, the fashion challenged blogger, Perez Hilton, reported last night that Jaclyn Smith may have killed herself while on vacation in Honduras.

Well Perez may need to brush up on his Spanish, because Smith is thankfully just fine. “This is absolutely not true. I just spoke with her today. She is fine and in Los Angeles,” Smith’s rep, Jay Schwartz, told E! News.

So how did Perez fuck up? Most likely one of his minions was scanning the news, saw that name Jaclyn Smith and the word accident, told Perez, he creamed his panties at a possible exclusive, posted the item, and here we are.

Sadly, there has was an incident, but not involving Smith directly but “her Charlie’s Angels stunt double, Sandra Franklin, but details are unknown at this time,” Schwartz said.

I’m assuming Gossip Cop is going to be all over this story, and kudos to them for doing so!

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