‘How Not To Look Fat,’ The Tips

Congratulations again to Louise Y., Laura C. and Melissa B. for winning a copy of Danica Lo’s “How Not to Look Fat!” Here is a list of some of the tips that some of the contest entrants sent in:

- Girls, bras that fit so you don’t show back fat! While I’m on the subject of back fat, don’t wear one of those shirts that lace up the back unless you have 0% body fat… otherwise you just look like a roast tied up to throw in the oven.

- Never underestimate the power of a good tailor.  Due to the limitless number of body types out there, clothing manufacturers cannot possibly cater to all of them.  That said, always keep a good tailor on-hand.  Whether it be for hemming, lengthening, taking in, or letting out, a good tailor can alter most pants into a cut that is far more flattering for your frame.

- The easiest way not to look fat is to not wear clothes that are too small for you. Even if you have almost no fat, clothes that are to small squeeze it and give you nasty rolls, eww

- Never ever EVER wear cap sleeves I don’t care how thin you are. They are tragic and will make your upper arms look like sausages. Same goes for any wraparound arm jewelry.

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– Stop wearing your Juicy Couture sweatpants. Their thick velour whatever fabric adds bulk. You want to look thin. Do the math.

- Wear insanely high heels with long dark jeans and a dark long shirt.

- The best tip I can offer is one that I live by…….. Wear the correct underwear! Make sure that they aren’t to tight. Panty lines look like a rubber band that’s to tight, which will definitely make you look fat.

- No matter what body type you are you must have one feature that you love & know looks good (whether it be your legs, breasts, tummy, hips, shoulders, back, etc)… pick that feature and dress to show it off, leaving the other, less sexy parts covered up!  For me, I love my legs but have a small tummy “pooch” so I pair a cute skirt with a top that isn’t skin tight like a cute sweater or a cotton fitted tee.

- Layer a darker casual blazer or jacket over a white (or other light color) shirt. This draws the eye to the slender column of fabric while the dark blazer serves as an emphasis, creating a slimming appearence.

- Whenever I feel fat, I get tan. It works! Whether you slather on self tanner (mix with firming lotion for optimal results), lay out in a bathing suit (where no one you will ever see again will be) or run to a salon for a quick booth session. This always minimizes fatty feelings. Remember more tan=less fat.

- Do not wear huge floral patterns.  If you must wear a pattern – choose a small pattern.

- When I’m standing or walking I squeeze my butt muscles (as in clench, tightened, whatever). It instantly improves my posture, makes my waist look smaller, and it even makes my pants fit better!

- Angle your hips and stand with one foot slightly in front of the other, a la Paris Hilton…is visually slimming because you appear to take up less space.

About the book:

Have you ever had the sneaking suspicion that your existing wardrobe isn’t doing wonders for your figure? Whether you’re a size 6 or 16, Danica Lo gives you the skinny on always looking your best, even on a “fat” day.

Irreverent and honest, “How Not to Look Fat” offers cutting-edge tips on maximizing your slimming potential, from banishing back fat and finding flattering gym clothes to getting the right haircut and smelling thinner (yes, there’s a scientifically proven way). With tips from fashion insiders and advice on what works best, “How Not to Look Fat” encourages women to have fun with their wardrobes and makeup, to enjoy their figures, and not to take dieting (and life) too seriously.

How Not To Look Fat” is published by Harper Collins.