How Much Did Jesus Get For Posing For Playboy?

July 7th, 2010 // 4 Comments

They certainly do things different in Portugal don’t they. Or is it more that ‘What happens in Portugal, Stays In Portugal.’ Regardless, Jesus Christ was having a blast for his new spread in their July edition of Playboy magazine.

I’m less concerned about Jesus being around naked women and more concerned about the fact he is wearing a giant pageant sash. I feel that it should be emblazoned with ‘Son of God’ or something that kind of explains his character more in the shoot.

Lord, what will He think of next?

By Justin Thompson

  1. JulieR

    That utterly disgusting and stupid. How “nice” of that worthless trash that sad people buy into got some Jesus look-a-like actor… yeah, really nice. We all know, in reality, that Jesus Christ & this trash of Playboy et. al. don’t mix.

    Another thing, I know this was tagged under religion. Just want to say that Jesus Christ has nothing to do with religion. That’s called research.

  2. Mel

    That is just sick. I totally agree w JulieR. Jesus Christ has nothing to do with religion.

  3. XYZ

    What is really disgusting and stupid is religion itself, folks, stop foaming ur mouths about blasphemy. Religion is the real blaspemy and an offence to humanity and normality. Finally it will disappear and ppl will see the truth.

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