How Does Lil’ Wayne Stack Up As A Prison Blogger?

Since Lil Wayne got locked up, the site will be featuring weekly blog posts from the rapper answering his fan mail. So what does a famous prison blogger write about?

The first post by Lil Wayne, who was charged with weapons possession, focuses on thanking his many fans.

“This isn’t all about me, you are the reason for this letter,” he writes. “It’s
because of you Rebirth went gold when critics aborted it. It’s because
of you Young Money is and will always be a movement. If the weight of
the world is on your shoulders, I beg of you, place it on mine. That’s
the least I could do for you, after all you have sacrificed for me.”

Weezy, pictured performing at the Grammys on Jan. 31, then responded to one of his first prison letters.

“Mia Edwards (Southern California) – I wish you nothing but the best for
you. Earning your Masters in Library and Information Science is
beautiful. I’ll keep you in mind whenever I decide to do an
autobiography on my life.”

Is it weird that I find it sort of sweet that a convicted felon thinks Library Science is beautiful? I guess it’s safe to say the Weezy blog will continue to surprise.