How Did Sean Combs Spend His Valentine’s Day?

February 22nd, 2006 // 55 Comments

He spent the day with the woman on the left, and Valentine’s night with the woman on the right. Any guesses as to who the lucky ladies are?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lili

    They’re both probably old pictures. But Diddy and Kim are together, so I hope the pic with the White chick is old.

  2. Shampagne

    The first pic is Kim Porter (damn FOOL!!) and the second is model ngrid vanderBosch

  3. Ciara

    The first girl looks like His sons mother, Kim Porter but the other girl looks like Paris Hilton.

  4. Lavinia L. Baisden

    For sure these pictures only emphasizes the subject. But I truly believe that it is only business between his friends and he. I mean, can’t the player take care of his child? We the people will never know the truth about any individual’s lifestyle. As for the other one, everyone falls in love evry once in a while, even little white girls. Sean John is really a pimp, player, baller, hustler, mack, etc.

    P.S. May there be no offense towards the white race.

  5. daukerria

    i think the first picture looks like his girlfriend kim porter and the second one looks like the model ngrid bosch

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