How Did Sean Combs Spend His Valentine’s Day?

February 22nd, 2006 // 55 Comments

He spent the day with the woman on the left, and Valentine’s night with the woman on the right. Any guesses as to who the lucky ladies are?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. monkeyhateclean

    Isn’t the woman in the first picture his long-time girlfriend Kim Porter?

  2. Amanda

    The one on the left is his baby momma, Kim Porter.

  3. cookie

    The one in the 2nd pic looks like…


  4. skg

    the first one is kim porter-baby mama-poor little kimmy

  5. jd

    you’re gonna get capped posting pics like that!

  6. sophisticrite

    Ugh. I find him so unappealing. No woman would look twice at his ass without his gazillions.

  7. Manda

    The first one is Kim Porter, but the second one looks like Aubrey from Making The Band 3..Hmmm

  8. d.c.

    Jada and Reese.. what a guy!

  9. inimini

    The second chick looks like Jaime Presley
    to me…

  10. QueenB

    The first one is his baby-momma Kim Porter and the second one looks Cindy Margolis?

  11. Shannon

    Lucky ladies??!! Blech. You’d think a guy with his $$$ would get himself to an orthodontist. He could eat crabapples through a picket fence.

  12. blank

    that is YEARS old. The gilette chick was laying Sean while her daddy was paying Sean…..

  13. Artemisia

    Why does Kim Porter ALWAYS look so coked-up nasty?

    Oh! yeah..because she is coked-up!!


  14. lex

    The supposed nighttime chick looks like Victoria’s Secret/SI model Ana Beatriz Barros.

  15. finemomma

    that is a VERY old picture. who put it up there??????? very very very old

  16. Camille

    I agrre with Finemomma! The foto on the left is an old one!!!!

  17. susiesneds

    HAHAHAHAHA…Good one “Shannon”
    I agree!!

  18. Annie

    #1. Kim Porter.
    #2. IS CARMEN ELECTRA(sp.?)

  19. Dr. tia

    Wow what a player. The first one is kim and I think the second one is Christina Millian.

  20. lesbal

    It REALLY looks like LC from Laguna Beach!!! How random!

  21. netty

    Shannon, that is hilarious!! He is icky!

  22. Erica

    To all of you who say this is an old picture: Which picture? Both? How old? Where did you see these pictures published? Details people! This shizzz is making my day!

  23. Small Fry

    He’s a slack-jawed yokel. He needs a chin implant…….desperately.

  24. kim

    I think A. is kim Porter B. looks like LC from laguna Beach

  25. jagexpress

    #1 Kim Porter …. # 2. is Tiffani Amber Thiessen … she’s gone blond and lost a few pounds though …

  26. Lisa

    I think it was really looks like Jessica Alba.

  27. Emma

    Blond Chick looks like Amy Smart, no?

  28. ebmft

    The first one is his baby’s momma Kim Porter. And I hate to say it guys, but the night-time lady looks like Jessica Simpson.

  29. Erica

    Uhhhh Jessica Simpson,….. I hope you’re kidding. Otherwise you’re just blind. There is no way that could possibly be her, even with one eye closed in perfect sunlight with your head tilted just right.

  30. natalie

    When i first saw the pic, I thought it was Reese Witherspoon, lol… yeah right. Probably just a nobody.

  31. nevermind

    I agree with Manda! He is not cute and he knows it..but there are plenty of women who are attracted to money, ambition and power, despite the man which is evident…

    Photo 1 is definitely Kim, and I vote LC for photo 2. I was leaning to Aubrey but it doesn’t look enough like her.

    I need confirmation, folks!

  32. natania

    The one on the right looks like Aubry form making the band but she is tiny. She would have to stand on a box to be that tall.

  33. GIZ

    the one on the right looks like LC from laguna beach

  34. B. Woods

    enough speculation! Where’s the proof!

  35. Melisa

    I agree. I love Diddy to death and all, but he looks like he has dragon breath big time. Dude NEVER closes his mouth and has a major overbite… LOL

    That is Kim Porter in the first one, but I have no idea who the second one is.

    She does look like LC, but that would never happen.

  36. C4L

    so after reading all of the comments it is safe to say all blonds look the same!! Is there such thing as individuality in Hollywood though?

  37. FunnyIsh

    Uh those picss of Pdiddy are Soooooooooooooooooooooooo Olddddddddddddd!!!
    I saw those like a YEAR AGO!


    Get some new ish

  38. renee

    The one on the right looks like gloria velez, the video girl.

  39. Manda

    I really think the blonde is Aubrey from MTB 3..The reason she looks so tall is because he’s probably sitting on the hood of a car..

  40. Manda

    Look at her purse..It is sitting on a car hood..

  41. eric

    I read something on the woman on the right being a blonde assistant to PD from NY Page 6.

    Could be anyone though. Probably a Golddigger.

  42. Anni

    The second girl resembles LJ from Laguna Beach.

  43. nikki

    Yhat is an OLD picture..I saw this on another blog a year or so ago and it wasn’t even Valentine’s Day!

    Please use reliable sources & check them before you post. Love the site, but this is the first time I can say this is way off.

  44. juju

    Jessica ALBA ALL THE WAY !!! To the right!! Thats her Thats her

  45. alzhu

    Blond chic is Amy Smart

  46. Simieon

    These pics are more than 3 years old!!!! Kim is still with him… is reported that the second pics is a fake

  47. Verity

    That isn’t Jessica Alba – way too blonde for her.

    Hate to say it but I think he’s hot…

  48. uju

    Second one I was thinking Amber Valletta. Which does make too much sense.


    I swear…I saw the foto on the left about 2 years ago…. in a french magazine called “Voici”. I remenber because I loved the way she was dressed! Kisss



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