How Did Sandra Bullock Keep Baby Louis A Secret?

The latest twist in the Jesse James, Sandra Bullock, tattooed hoes story was a doozy. Who expected her to pull out a little Louis Bullock (named after Louis Armstrong because “What A Wonderful World” kept playing in her head when she saw him)? Skip the first post-divorce interview of her being melancholy, but strong and go straight to a “scared” but happy new mom. But how the hell did she keep a baby underwraps since January in a world where privacy is scarce already and then adding the media during award season and the of hunting camera men after the scandal?

The adoption involved four years of planning, which some speculate means she went through a regular agency instead of a private one, like Angelina Jolie used to adopt Pax and Zahara. If she used a higher end agencies that cost more it could have also provided more discretion.

She also didn’t tell a lot of people. “She knew the people they were going to tell would not reveal their secret,” said People Assistant Editor Jen Garcia. “They all knew how incredibly important it was for her to keep Louie safe.” I can see Sandra carrying that kind of loyalty.

Other people she just didn’t tell. She had her dress fittings for award season in a hotel and didn’t have people over to the house saying the it was under some construction. “She just knew it wasn’t the world she wanted to bring her son into,” Garcia says. “The craziness. She wanted this to be a private thing where she enjoyed her new son at home, with her family.” If they did go out it was always in cars with dark windows.

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Smart move. Coming out with the baby story before the shit hit the fan
would have been even more heartbreaking, at least for me.

She allegedly got a phone call that tipped her off to Jesse
’ cheating, I’m going to guess from In Touch, and
she immediately moved out. She told People “All I remember is
thinking I need to get Louis out of here before the vultures descend.”
She did
get him out in time and, as she goes through her divorce
and continues her adoption as a single parent, there’s not need to
return. Only a little evidence slipped out, during the covert
op. Bullock carried a little green sock of Louis in her
tiny purse to the Oscars
and it dropped out a couple of times.
People picked it up and handed it back to her, all the while no one
guessing what it was.