How Desperate: Eva Longoria-Parker Gets A Reality Show On VH1

Eva Longoria-Parker is the latest to join the long list of Hollywood stars with reality shows – and if we look at that list, are any of those people great? Reality shows seem to be a last-ditch effort in a celebrity’s career. Anybody who you’d want a reality show about doesn’t want to do one and for good reason. They end up making you look retarded.

The Desperate Housewives actress told CNN her production company is working on a new reality show based on her restaurant, Beso, that will appear on Vh1, which is usually the network with the best reality programming you should note. Like Rock of Love or What Chilli Wants.

“It will follow the employees that work at my restaurant. I’m not in it that much. I’m married and old now,” Longoria-Parker joked.

I don’t know how interesting it is going to be to watch servers yell at their bussres or watching managers yell at kitchen staff. Hell, it’ll probably make her millions of dollars. And don’t think for a minute that she or her husband Tony Parker won’t trod around in front of the cameras once in a while for that show.

See them both prancing around below in our gallery!