How Celebrities Are Spending Valentine’s Day

While the world is still in shock at the probable demise of TomKat, here are how other celebrities are celebrating Valentine’s Day. The couple is of course denying the split (through their reps of course).

Jennifer Aniston and her Vince Vaughan shared a late dinner leading to mid night. Outdoors. Beverly Hills Hotel. Intimate. Just the two of them. Talking softly. About his family. They shared heaters. Also french fries.

How sweet. I’m sure those fries were followed by a pack of smokes. What were the single girls doing you ask? Well Sienna Miller is spending the holiday with friends.

The 24-year-old screen favourite, whose on-off romance with the hunk ended recently, admitted she hadn’t sent a card this year and wasn’t expecting to receive one. Sienna had some candid advice for other independent ladies, which she delivered with a confident smile: “Just stay single,” declared the actress. “Stick together with your girlies.”

Her “dates” for the evening were her sister Savannah and mum, Jo, as well as stepmother Kelly Hoppen. And, being newly single the Alfie star revealed that her only plans for Valentine’s Day were a night of bowling with pals.

As is Jessica Simpson. What, she’s not spending it with Maroon 5’s Adam Levine?

As for any Valentine’s Day plans, Jessica says she will hang out with her single girlfriends, rent ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ and devour “all the chocolate we can find!”

What about the single men? Poor Josh Lucas will celebrate this Valentine’s day by looking for a woman to marry.

“I am 34 years old and I’m really ready — and I’m hungry — to have a child and a family,” Lucas told Daily News contributor Jawn Murray while hyping “Poseidon,” his upcoming movie. “My frustration with myself is that I’ve been so oriented toward work, it’s very difficult to settle down enough to spend time with someone enough to get to know that you want them.”

He added: “Since I’ve finished ‘Poseidon,’ I’ve traveled every single day. … It’s very hard to find someone who has their own life enough that they can go with you and still not feel like they’re just there with you — if you know what I mean by that.”

I’m sure there are tons of vapid women out there would be willing to just be there for Josh Lucas.

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