How About A Little Lindsay Lohan Rumor

March 10th, 2006 // 7 Comments

This was sent in by a reader, form a land called Germany.

A very rich greek is dating Lindsay Lohan. His name is Alexander III (24) and he owns over 240 companys! German Magazines have informations that he bought a lot of jewelry and fashion at Rodeo Dr. to run a paperchase for her to get in touch with her.
He´s also known as “The Prince of Athens” but he is not.

Greek television today:

The very rich greek “Alexander III” “Prince of Athens” (24) (Nobody knows his real name!) who is dating Lindsay Lohan has bought a house in Beverly Hills for 9.000.000 US$! His personal assistant said that he is going to buy another condo in West Hollywood.

What´s going on!? A 24 yrs old is spending that money!? Nobody knows his real name? Very interesting…

More photos of Lindsay Lohan in purple, after the jump.

(Images via Gossip Rocks!)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. eric

    Why are all these bitches into rich greek guys ?

    Maybe all these bitches need to start a whorehouse in Athens.

  2. leo

    True story_!_ Check out first pictures:

  3. Passport Junkie


    perhaps because most Mediterranean men would never refer to women as “bitches”

  4. Oh goodie. Lindsay lohan.

  5. Ivy

    She looks so anorexic. Ops, I forgot she is acutally one. And a coke-whore. Pffft, can someone give her some food PLEASE? My eyes hurt!!!

  6. Lucy

    Take him Lindsay ! rich, richer… Alexander III!
    and he looks sooo cute!

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