How About A Little Lindsay Lohan Rumor

This was sent in by a reader, form a land called Germany.

A very rich greek is dating Lindsay Lohan. His name is Alexander III (24) and he owns over 240 companys! German Magazines have informations that he bought a lot of jewelry and fashion at Rodeo Dr. to run a paperchase for her to get in touch with her.
He´s also known as “The Prince of Athens” but he is not.

Greek television today:

The very rich greek “Alexander III” “Prince of Athens” (24) (Nobody knows his real name!) who is dating Lindsay Lohan has bought a house in Beverly Hills for 9.000.000 US$! His personal assistant said that he is going to buy another condo in West Hollywood.

What´s going on!? A 24 yrs old is spending that money!? Nobody knows his real name? Very interesting…

More photos of Lindsay Lohan in purple, after the jump.

(Images via Gossip Rocks!)