How Well Do You Really Know ‘The Legend of Hercules’?

We’re totally pumped for what’s sure to be the most epic display of strength, masculinity, and hot bods in a good long while. We’re talking about The Legend Of Hercules, hitting theatres Jan. 10. This is the origin story of Hercules. In case you forgot, Hercules is the only man to ever become a god, so he’s a pretty strong guy.

Remember, he once strangled a lion with his bear hands. And then there was that time he had to slay a multi-headed serpent. We created a nifty infographic so we know exactly how many different shirtless feats of strength to expect of our hot leading man, Kellan Lutz. Study up, guys … or just get lost in Kellan’s abs.

Get inside details, footage and photos from The Legend of Hercules right here.