How Vienna Girardi Lost 20 Pounds

Vienna Girardi has dropped the twenty pounds she gained while filming The Bachelor.  The controversial reality star broke things off with Jake Pavelka after winning the final rose in 2010, and now has a new man in her life.  Girardi began dating Bachelorette contestant Kasey Kahl earlier this year, and she’s one smitten-kitten.  Girardi-who lives in LA while Kahl lives in Fresno, CA-told Us Magazine at an event Thursday, “We are so crazy about each other.  The only thing we bicker about are [travel arrangements]. It’s always like ‘are you gonna drive here this weekend or am I gonna drive there this weekend?’ But, it’s a good bicker because we just want to be around each other!”

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So how did she lose those pounds?  By sticking to a diet free of starches and weight combined with some intense workouts, compliments of trainer Brian Peeler.  In addition to taking classes at Physique 57, Girardi hikes L.A.’s Runyon Canyon.  This past week, Peeler pushed her to not only run down the hill with her shoulders back and core tight, but also climb the steep steps up one of the park paths.  “Every 15 minutes I was like, ‘I’m gonna pass out!'” the svelte star, who attended the “Reality Rocks” expo back in April with Kahl, told the magazine.