How To Make The Last Month Of Summer Count. Tips Inspired By Yours Truly, Rihanna [PHOTOS]

Rihanna in France
The star is shocked people are looking at her in Saint Tropez.
It’s August 1st already guys. Meaning Summer is leaving us once again. So make sure to jam pack your calendar, like yesterday. Here are some of my (Rihanna inspired) suggestions!

1.) Summer means FREE music festivals. During the winter, there are rarely-if ever- any FREE music festivals. Mostly because summer makes people friendlier, more willing to give people with a tight budget a break. So go on google, and find some! I already found one for this weekend (Nike Surf’s Up at Huntington Beach for my SoCal peeps!)

(inspired by Rihanna’s summer music festivals)

2.) Listen to Top 40 Hits. Top 40 usually means some catchy cliche songs that are summer time approved. So hipsters, cool it with your The Head and The Heart songs and mix it up a bit.  Then in winter go back to your obscure bands. I hear The xx is releasing an album in September, PERFECT.

(inspired by her MTV VMA Nominations and her making it to top 100 yet again, you go girl)

My suggestions continue… 

3.) TRAVEL. Schedules appear to be more lose during the summer time, so take a vacation. Even if it is just to the northern part of your state (I went to San Francisco one weekend, which practically felt like leaving the state). So make the time and money investment.

(inspired by Rihanna’s trip to Monte Carlo)

4.) I hope everyone who is anyone has gone to the beach a great number of times. I know some people don’t like the beach (which personally I don’t get), but beach time makes summer time worth while. So go tan, get your feet wet, or read a book as your feet feel the comfort of the sand beneath.

(inspired by a RiRi spotting, as she enjoyed the water on her yacht. If only I were that lucky… and rich)

5.) Have fun exercising! In the fall or winter (sometimes even spring), you have to constraint yourself to boring exercises. You hit the gym because it’s raining or too cold outside. Summer allows for fun exercises like hiking or surfing!

(inspired by Rihanna’s adventures in Cannes- parasailing anyone?)

6.) Don’t go home. Turn your 8pm dinner with friends to a night of shenanigans. Sleep over a friend’s and drink the night away. Great thing about summer is you carry light. No need for a sweater and you are most likely wearing less makeup (because let’s be honest, you knew you’d probably sweat most of it away) so no need to wash that face or reapply. Hibernate during the winter.

(Not really inspired by something in specific but I’m sure RiRi has had plenty of sleepless nights for similar reasons)