How Predictable Are You? An Interactive Game [VIDEO]

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Most people use Youtube for music, to watch movie trailer, or to watch hilarious videos. Not many people are aware of these hidden little gems buried beneath everything else. Quite a few interactive games are hidden for everyone to enjoy.

These remind me quite a bit of R.L. Stine’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” on the Goosebumps books. I’d always end up meeting my doom, so I’d go back and start all over again.

In the 1990’s we could only play games like this in books. In 2012, the books are pushed aside and people play these games primarily on their computers.

So what exactly is this interactive game and what celebrity would enjoy it?

All I could think about was Jimmy Fallon as I watched this video. He’s always asking for people to respond to hashtags on Twitter, and I could really see him coming up with something like this on his show. His guests always have fun activities and this would take it to another level.

Basically, you follow the verbal directions given by the male and by the end, your finger is supposed to be on a specific rectangle. I won’t tell you which rectangle my finger was on because that’s a spoiler, but his prediction was right.

I convinced myself I’d outsmart this silly little game and unfortunately I failed.

Play the game above and let us know if his prediction was right with you in the comments below!

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