How Does One Build A Personal Collection Like Duchess Kate’s?

Last Thursday I was invited to a private showing of jeweler Alberto Parada’s 2012 Fall Collection at the Avalon hotel in Beverly Hills.  I wanted to learn more about Parada’s eco-friendly baubles and how to build my own collection in a manner of the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth (hey, a girl can dream).

This got me thinking: Though I don’t have a trace of royalty in my blood (or a bank account to match), I would like to build a personal jewelry collection containing pieces that will last forever.

You may see a few of these jewels featured on The Duchess Diary soon since I had the pleasure of meeting Parada at his showing. 

“If you’re looking to buy a piece of jewelry is going to be in your collection, then you have to do your homework,” Parada told me.  “Research designers vs. going to buy in a chain jewelry store.  Look for the colors that you wear a lot and find a piece that you’d wear every day and that you won’t get sick of.”

Parada takes an eco-conscious approach to jewelry making, something that is in the South American-born designer’s blood.  “The idea is to not only buy something that looks good, but to make you feel good while you’re wearing it,” he said.



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