How Disappointing: Ryan Lochte Wears A Shirt At The Beach [PHOTOS]

If you don’t allow him to talk, and just keeping watching clips from the 2012 Summer Olympics, then Ryan Lochte is a smokeshow.

USA Today ruined things for us (as will E!, come April 21st when What Would Ryan Lochte Do premieres) by inviting the gold medalist to open his mouth.

It appears that Lochte has much to cover in the reality show, including finding “the one,” building his fashion brand and training for the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

“On this show, I will go on dates. Whether it works or not, I guess you have to wait and watch the show,” Lochte told the paper.  “I want to find that perfect someone to spend the rest of my life with. It’s hard being an Olympian and with all the fame and everything. It’s hard to find someone to settle down with, you trust, to share pretty much your life.” 

While Lochte is totally OK with the cameras following him around, his trainer, Gregg Troy is not.

“He calls me all the time, yelling at me,” Lochte said. “He’s been threatening to kick me off the team, telling me to just go somewhere else.”

What does Mr. “JEAH” want to achieve with this show?

 “I want to get the passion I have for swimming and put it in your guys’ living room,” he said. “Every four years, the most watched sport is swimming at the Summer Olympic Games, so why can’t it be like that every year? Like the NBA, like the NFL, that’s what I want.”

As long as you film in your speedos, most of us will tune in.

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