How Did Katie Holmes Get Primary Custody Of Suri Cruise? [PHOTOS]

‘Twas a very quick divorce settlement between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, attributed in part to a solid prenuptial agreement. “Katie was really smart about how she did this,” a source told Us Weekly. “Tom will be allowed to see Suri but there are guidelines for the visits.”

Holmes gets full custody of Suri Cruise, 6, but that battle wasn’t won without a few stipulations (we are dealing with Scientology, after all).    “Tom is really sad at the thought of not being able to see Suri,” the source added. “You can tell he really loves his kids.

“There are a lot [of provisions] there . . . From what I heard it was complicated, and one of the provisions is confidentiality.” Ah, there it is!  The magic word: confidentiality. 

NYC family law practitioner Lubov Stark told Fox News that Holmes played this divorce out “in a very aggressive and strategic way, gaining a lot of leverage by way of public opinion and media exposure.” WINNING.

Divorce attorney Mike Kelly added that proceedings went so well, “possibly because of an airtight prenuptial agreement or extreme gentlemanliness by Tom Cruise, given the way that Katie Holmes started the process.”