How A Bizarre Audio Mishap Landed Me, Socialite Life’s Kelly Lynch, On ‘The Soup’ [VIDEO]

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I love reporting on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and I’ve done my homework on the royal family.  Given the news on Will and Kate’s pregnancy, I was called to chat about what this means for the monarchy, how pumped people are, etc.  So imagine my surprise when a spot on Fox 11’s ten pm news landed me on E!’s The Soup, of all places.

Here’s wassup:  The battery was dying on the mic reporter Courtney Friel used for our interview Monday night, which led to me sounding like Dori from Finding Nemo.  PS – I didn’t find this out until the news aired live later that night.

Unfortunate, yes.  But one cannot cry over spilled milk.

Last night, I got a bunch of texts, tweets and facebook messages about my spot on The Soup.


It turns out that E! was thoroughly entertained by this technological snafu and plopped it straight into Wednesday’s episode.  Joel McHale had a right royal time with what he aptly called “a slow news day.”  Zing-a-ling.

Mom, I’ve made it.

If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.  Right?

Below is the 5pm segment, in which I sound a bit more human.

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