House Filled WIth 100 Dead Cats

Eww. Eww. Eww.

Up to 100 dead cats have been found in an empty flat in Leeds, the RSPCA said on Wednesday. Many of the dead animals were wedged behind radiators or crammed into freezer cabinets in the flat, where the floors were ankle deep in human and cat faeces.
“It is unbelievable, but it appears that someone may have been living among these corpses,” said Lynsey Harris, an RSPCA inspector. “I’ve never seen anything like it. The smell was absolutely sickening.”

The electricity to the house has been shut off for some time, leaving the bodies, including those in freezers, in an advanced state of decomposition.

“As a result we do not know if they died or were killed at the premises or elsewhere,” the RSPCA said in a statement.
The charity had been called by a company hired to clean flats in the block. The cleaners removed a total of 11 large dustbin liners of animal bodies and body parts.

Cleaners find 100 dead cats in Leeds flat [Reuters]

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