Hot Irish Actors Lend Their Hotness to a Worthy Cause

September 25th, 2007 // 10 Comments

I know what you’re thinking and no, stunning actors Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Stuart Townsend aren’t wearing t-shirts in support of protecting Tara Reid from the fate of a washed-up party-girl–I mean really, isn’t it a bit late in the game for that? What they’re both hoping to do is use their celebrity toward the cause of protecting Ireland’s ancient Hill of Tara from having a motorway built through it. Plans to expand the M3 motorway have angered many Irish, who believe that the sacred ground should be left untouched and have decided to form a human harp across the countryside in protest. And, of course, even though Townsend was in Ireland for this very specific reason, he had no problem fielding questions about his lady-love, actress Charlize Theron, who did not happen to be on hand for the protest.

“We didn’t get married,” he said. “Every week someone says we are or that we’re splitting up.

“We’re married in our hearts and have been together for seven years and have dogs, live in a house, and plan to have children. We don’t need the Church or the state.”

They sure like to talk about not getting married. I know they get asked about it a lot, but I don’t get what the big deal about not getting hitched is. It seems like it would be just as annoying to hear people constantly talk about how they are married. Do it, don’t do it–whatever, just leave me out of it–unless I’m invited to something. Then, we’ll talk.


More photos of Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Stuart Townsend showing their support for Tara are after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Fuchsia

    **sigh** I love JRM. He’s ridiculously hot.

  2. green cardigan

    Stuart Townsend’s ‘hotness’ is questionable these days. He is starting to resemble a potatoe, which is a common affliction in Irish men when they reach a certain age. The other fellow though , still has it.

    Fair Play to them both though, for turning up to support this worthy cause.
    Protect the Hill of Tara.

  3. Yet another cause ruined by Comic Sans.

  4. Fuchsia

    I totally agree with green cardigan. Stuart Townsend isn’t really that good looking anymore. He used to be gorgeous…in”Queen Of The Damned” with him as Lestat, he was unbearably hot. Anyone ever see “League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen”? He looked flawless in that movie.

  5. Green Cardigan and Fucshia, Agreed! As Lestat and Dorian Gray, HOT! These days, not so much!

    Jonathan? He has moments of hotness, but I’d boot him off the bed for Cillian Murphy anytime.

    Green Cardigan, Hill of Tara is a cause close to you, yeah? I’ll have to look into it.

  6. anonymouse

    I agree with Clarisse! CILLIAN MURPHY IS THE SEX.

  7. green cardigan

    yuck , yucky, yuck, yuck, Cillian Murphy, freckles and ginger facial hair , yuck.

    Never got his charm. Love the film Intermission though. If you haven’t seen it, look it up.

  8. GASP!! Green Cardigan!!!

    Ah well, different strokes eh!

    I’m a sucker for dark auburn hair, freckles and irish accent…
    And Dark hair, dark eyes and an irish accent…
    And well, you get the gist =)

    I loved Intermission! I loved Sally’s “ronnie”…my grandmother’s was more impressive though!

  9. Alexis

    Good on ‘em! I think the protesters should play up the GWTW angle to generate more Hollywood interest in preserving Tara–especially since I heard a HORRIBLE rumor that there are plans to remake the film.

    As an added bonus, some of those celebrities we dislike may get run over by an errant bulldozer…

  10. Kayla

    r u all nuts!! Stuart townsend is the hottest guy on face of the earth and his accent is 2 die for!! he is so amazing luv u stu!!

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