‘Hot in Cleveland’ Premiere, Yearbook Style

June 15th, 2010 // 1 Comment

The Hot in Cleveland premiere was held at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York City yesterday. The red carpet reminded me of a dusty year book. Not in a bad way, but a like good, high school reunion reminiscent way!

This is how I see it.

Prom Queen: Betty White – obviously because she’s a Hollywood classic and comedic genius
Best Friend: Jane Leeves
Funny fat girl: Valerie Bertinelli – I will forever connect her with weightloss, sorry
Bitchy head cheerleader: Wendie Malick
Most drama-tic leading couple: Sean Avery and Kristin Chenoweth
Best dressed: Christian Siriano

And who better to unite the first four ladies than TV Land in their first original sitcom?

Hot in Cleveland follows three L.A. friends who find a new world of admirers when their Paris-bound jet makes an emergency landing in Ohio, according to USA Today‘s interview of the cast, which highlights each ladies’ comedic timing.

I might catch first episode, but just for Betty White.

By Samantha Eng

  1. diane triunfo

    ho is the designer that Ms. Bertinelli is wearing. the best black dress ever who is the desingner

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