‘Hot in Cleveland’ Premiere, Yearbook Style

The Hot in Cleveland premiere was held at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York City yesterday. The red carpet reminded me of a dusty year book. Not in a bad way, but a like good, high school reunion reminiscent way!

This is how I see it.

Prom Queen: Betty White – obviously because she’s a Hollywood classic and comedic genius
Best Friend: Jane Leeves
Funny fat girl: Valerie Bertinelli – I will forever connect her with weightloss, sorry
Bitchy head cheerleader: Wendie Malick
Most drama-tic leading couple: Sean Avery and Kristin Chenoweth
Best dressed: Christian Siriano

And who better to unite the first four ladies than TV Land in their first original sitcom?

Hot in Cleveland follows three L.A. friends who find a new world of admirers when their Paris-bound jet makes an emergency landing in Ohio, according to USA Today’s interview of the cast, which highlights each ladies’ comedic timing.

I might catch first episode, but just for Betty White.