Hot Couple

Here’s Zac Efron and his date at the debut of the new “Halo 3″ video game. If you’re into video games, it’s a huge deal. You can communicate with people in different dirty basements and kill a lot of stuff. And there’s no need to shower ever. It doesn’t help socially but it’s great for nerd agression.

The launch of Halo 3 was a lot like a movie premier but with Master Chief as the main celebrity, no red carpet, and tons of media. A fairly impressive Master Chief stepped out in costume an hour before the midnight launch to greet hundreds of gamers and press waiting outside the Game Stop store in Universal City.

Gamers and fans alike reached over metal barriers to get a picture with the Chief while another celebrity was also on hand to add some excitement to the event: Zac Efron from Disney’s recent hit “High School Musical”, who later handed out copies of the game to the first buyers.

I’m a vapid whore who’s friends with some gay nerds. So I don’t think I’m going to be seeing them at least until Christmas. Gamers were so nervous about getting jacked for their game that they were having SECURITY WALK THEM TO THEIR CARS. Like it was some starving nation and he had McDonald’s. People will jump each other for video games? I wonder if this big bohunk protected Zac when he had his copy. The nerds must have been like, wow, you’re really clean. You smell pretty. Is that makeup? Fag.


More photos of Zac Efron at the Halo 3 premiere are after the jump.


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