Hot Off The Stage, The Jonas Brothers Are Back In The Studio! [PHOTOS]

Joe Jonas
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For the Jonas Brothers, it’s all work and no play. However, when you consider that their “work” is playing music in front of thousands, and appearing at some of the most extravagant events in the world, the lines between work and play are blurred, to say the least. Having said that, after a month long mini-tour around the world, the full set of Jobros, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas, are going back to the very core of their stardom– making music for their masses of newly-energized fans.

After a few days in of leisure in Los Angeles and in unknown snow capped mountains, the boys are back in town going to work. American Idol Judge and music producer Randy Jackson recently tweeted “jamming on the bass in studio with @nickjonas @joejonas,” paired with a picture of the 2 brothers in a local studio. In addition, each of the boys posted respective pictures and/or tweets giving notice of their time in the studio.

First comes writing, then comes album, then comes tour, right? Right! If you don’t count their last stint on stage as a tour, (as any long time Jonas Brother fan knows, their tours can get really decadent,) then it’s been almost 3 years since the brothers have come together to perform all over the world. That’s long overdue, I’d say! We (and they) aren’t getting any younger, after all. It’s high time for a tour from The Jonas Brothers like the summers of old.

It looks like the boys think so, too. Kevin tweeted a video titled “talking about the next tour” in which his friend exclaims “We need more lights! More lasers!” Sounds good, bro.

If the 4th quarter of 2012 is any indication, 2013 will be, once again, the year of the Jonas.

In between making pop magic, the Jonas Brothers stepped out for lunch at their favorite spot, the King’s Road Cafe in West Hollywood, so check out the gallery to see the return of the Jonai, in all of their cute splendor.