Hot Couple Alert: Cristiano Ronaldo & Irina Shayk Share Jokes & Chocolate At Madrid Open [PHOTOS]

Cristiano's Hottest Pics
The 30 hottest shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo photos.
Talk about an attractive couple. 

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and model girlfriend Irina Shayk were spotted in Madrid over the weekend taking in the games at the Madrid Open. 

Too bad Cristiano didn’t get in on the action like he did during his Nike commercial with Rafael Nadal. You know he could kick some tennis ass. Also, what do you think Irina and Cristiano talk about? How they’re both so absurdly sexy?

They must have some intelligent converstaions, right? And shouldn’t those conversations include Irina telling Cristiano to not wear jeans with a studded crotch? Maybe?

It’s not fair how Irina even eats like a model. So perfectly. Or wait, is eating like a model not eating at all? Launch the gallery to see all the cuddly photos. It’ll make you want to run out and date a footballer. 

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