Horses Don’t Like Celebrities

Cause it seems like they’re constantly throwing them around, or kicking them. Personally, I’d just stay away from things with hooves, if I were famous. Matthew Broderick and the wife of Ringo Starr and former Bond girl, Barbara Bach were both injured in horse-riding accidents on Sunday. According to People:

Broderick was on vacation in Ireland when he broke his collarbone after falling off a horse Sunday, his publicist, Simon Halls, tells the Associated Press. The Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Producers star, 44, accompanied by wife Sarah Jessica Parker, was treated and released from a hospital the same day, Halls said. “He’s fine. He’s just been in a little bit of pain,” Halls tells the AP. Meanwhile, Bach, who turned 59 on Sunday, was hospitalized with a broken leg after being kicked by a horse, said an official with the Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford, 35 miles southwest of London. She had surgery to repair her fractured right femur, the AP reports.

It seems like if you’re a celebrity, your most dangerous foes are horses and the paparazzi. And Harvey Levin.

Written by Lisa Timmons