Hooter’s Future Competition

We will file this one under rumor until proven true.

Jessica Siimpson is backing a new BBQ chain dubbed “Daisy Duke’s.” The joint’s selling point will be scantily clad waitresses wearing the signature hot pants that the “Dukes of Hazard” star slipped into for the movie remake.

The worst part about the hillbilly version of Hooters is that it is the brain-child of Papa Joe. The home base of the grab ass eatery will be in Las Vegas within the next year. But Caesars is reported as saying “Hell No!” to the idea.

While reps for Jessica deny the idea, it is said that Joe is doing this without the consent of Jessica.

My guess is that “Daisy Duke” is probably copyrighted and the would be BBQ shack won’t even get off the ground. But just in case I suggest skipping and offers of ‘Papa Joe’s Secret Sauce’ on the side.

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Written by Cara Harrington

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