Honey, Would You Like Wine With That Cellphone?

ordinarypeople They tend to be a little dry just by themselves.

A Missouri man has been charged with forcing a cell phone down his ex-girlfriend’s throat last week. Police in Kansas City say Marlon Brando Gill has been charged with felony assault.

According to court documents, Melinda Abell told detectives that Gill grabbed her by the mouth and shoved the cell phone until it became lodged in her throat. Surgeons had to remove it.

Police initially issued a statement saying Abell, 24, had swallowed the phone. A spokesman explained that investigators weren’t able to talk to her until after the surgery.

Early Friday, police in Blue Springs, Mo., responded to a call from Gill, who said Abell was having trouble breathing. Police arrived to find her with the phone lodged in her throat. Police were initially told that Gill wanted the phone and Abell tried to swallow it so that he could not get it.

Marlon Brando would be so proud.

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