Homage To Ian Somerhalder’s Sexiness With 10 Magazine Covers [PHOTOS]

Ian Somerhalder Foundation
Devon Haas talks with SL about the foundation.
25 gifs Of Ian Somerhalder
25 gifs that prove Ian Somerhalder is the sexiest man alive
Fact: Ian Somerhalder is perfection.

I recall falling in love with him in Life as a House. Of course he would be the one sleeping with his girlfriend’s mom. That is why it I am with the rest of the world here, please oh please, Ian, play Christian Grey so that the world can have you as the ambassador for the Fifty Shade’s sex toy line.

He can be Paul Denton, Boone Carlyle, or Damon Salvatore and be equally sexy.

But of course his sexiest attribute is that he cares. His IS Foundation (ISF) which educates people about the importance of being nice to mother nature and its creatures has blown up with success. It’s just too hard to turn away from that cute face of his and those of his furry friends on his site.

Well we’re all pretty jealous that Nina Dobrev caught this prize but we’re totally okay with it. They are one damn good looking couple that just cannot breakup. He always seems to be so loving toward his love bug during interviews. Awww. So if Entertainmentwise’s speculations are correct, mankind is doomed.

His foundation has also started a program called Eco-cessities which is a monthly donation based subscription to receive eco-friendly goodies in the mail. Thanks for thinking of us ladies, we sure are thinking of you too.

Fact: There are not enough magazine covers with Ian Somerhalder on them.

Load the gallery to see ten magazine covers with the sexiest man alive featured on them while you wait another week to see the delicious Damon Salvatore. Note to magazine publications, get on with it and  make your covers ten times better!