Holy Depressing Article, Batman

I knew Winona Ryder was a bit of a sad figure (I mean, I did watch her E! True Hollywood Story, of course) but I had hoped that maybe things were looking up for Winona until I read this recent article in The Mirror about her. It sounds like this article picks up where ETHS left off:

As Ryder considered her future, Hollywood’s obsession with youth meant she was having to adjust to playing second-fiddle to rising stars such as Angelina Jolie, as in 1999’s Girl, Interrupted. “When we first started shooting, I realised I was the oldest girl in the movie,” Winona recalls. “I was so depressed for the first few days. But then I kind of loved it.” Still, it must have been galling for Winona, who’d received two Oscar nominations, to see her young co-star walk off with an award. And then there was her choice of movie roles. After shooting Lost Souls in 1998, the film stayed on the shelf for two years before being released to tepid reviews.

That year’s Autumn In New York, co-starring Richard Gere, fared little better. Meanwhile, the big, successful parts were slipping through her fingers. Scheduling conflicts meant she lost out to Julia Roberts for a part in the blockbusting Conspiracy Theory in 1997, while Helena Bonham Carter got the part she had set her heart on for 1999’s Fight Club. But if things were becoming increasingly complicated professionally, they were just as difficult in her personal life.

The article continues with more details about all the things in Winona’s life that aren’t awesome. Hmm…well, Winona, I mean, at least you didn’t get fat, right?

Written by Lisa Timmons