Holy Buttah-Face, Batman.

December 26th, 2006 // 6 Comments

23-year old lingerie model, Amanda Wyatt, claims that Keith Urban cheated with her on his high-profile mega-star fiancee, Nicole Kidman, during their engagement. Splash News Online has the dirt, as well as exclusive pics of the tattle-tale hussy:

Amanda Wyatt, 23, has told how the hunky singer repeatedly cheated on the Oscar winning star in the run-up to their all-star wedding last summer. The blonde lingerie model alleged that while the couple were busy making plans to marry, ex-junkie Urban, 39, would make passionate love to her during secret meetings. She claimed to a Uk newspaper the cheating music idol Urban:

* NEVER used protection

* BEDDED her in the gym and bedroom of the sprawling Nashville, Tennessee, mansion the star now shares with Kidman.

* BOMBARDED her with sleazy text messages begging her to come round for sex sessions while the A-list actress was out of town.

* ROMPED completely naked with her in his swimming pool during a wild house party.

* DROVE himself to the brink of despair with drug use.

Well, ol’ girl could be telling the truth–or it could be a desperate attempt at getting some much-needed publicity for her Z-list ass. All I know is this–the attractiveness of her face and her body are way disproportionate. And that’s all I can conclusively say about this situation.

Urban girl says Nicole Kidman’s man was wild in bed [Splash News Online]

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Vieques Gal

    I see dollar signs.

  2. jannre

    I would love to know when this picture was taken!

  3. sasha

    The fact that crap like this is reported is why im so for gays being outed i just think its fair because you could use the whole sending fans wrong image they use for reporting everytime some skank whore and never pretty ones screwed a male star never a guy bragging about screwing a female what do they hope to accomplish i screwed jude law, ryan phillipe, ben affleck, david beckham so do want a cookie for him to break up or divorce if he did do u think hes going to come to your permiscous loudmouth self die of aids or some st whore

  4. Butta Face

    I assume he was completely bombed out off his mind to even think about schutping this hag. She’s a two-bagger.

  5. Not Buying It in Nashville

    It’s about time someone bring this farce of a marriage to an end. Nashville can’t wait for Hollywood and its skinny butt of Nicole to get out of Dodge.

  6. cricket

    If this girls a two bagger than Nicole must be a 4 bagger.Keith must have been blind drunk,and I do mean blind to do either one of them.Keith could do so much better than either one of them.Can’t wait for the divorce to happen.Nicole is killing his career and he’s way too talented to end his career this way.Kidman has no talent that is why she married Tom and Keith.

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