Holy Buttah-Face, Batman.

23-year old lingerie model, Amanda Wyatt, claims that Keith Urban cheated with her on his high-profile mega-star fiancee, Nicole Kidman, during their engagement. Splash News Online has the dirt, as well as exclusive pics of the tattle-tale hussy:

Amanda Wyatt, 23, has told how the hunky singer repeatedly cheated on the Oscar winning star in the run-up to their all-star wedding last summer. The blonde lingerie model alleged that while the couple were busy making plans to marry, ex-junkie Urban, 39, would make passionate love to her during secret meetings. She claimed to a Uk newspaper the cheating music idol Urban:

* NEVER used protection

* BEDDED her in the gym and bedroom of the sprawling Nashville, Tennessee, mansion the star now shares with Kidman.

* BOMBARDED her with sleazy text messages begging her to come round for sex sessions while the A-list actress was out of town.

* ROMPED completely naked with her in his swimming pool during a wild house party.

* DROVE himself to the brink of despair with drug use.

Well, ol’ girl could be telling the truth–or it could be a desperate attempt at getting some much-needed publicity for her Z-list ass. All I know is this–the attractiveness of her face and her body are way disproportionate. And that’s all I can conclusively say about this situation.

Urban girl says Nicole Kidman’s man was wild in bed [Splash News Online]

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