Holy Short Shorts! Bradley Cooper Shows Off His Legs In Some Of The Shortest Shorts Possible!

Oh. My. God. Becky, look at his butt. It is so fine.

Bradley Cooper basically stole my heart today as he appeared on the LA set of American Sniper in the short shorts I have ever seen. Those are some great, beige daisy dukes.

While the other actors on set were also wearing super short shorts, they looked shortest on Bradley. Also, how many more times do we think I can write “short” in one sentence? 

Bradley and crew were filming some Navy Seal training scenes from the upcoming movie, complete with laying on the ground and having water sprayed on them. So basically, it was my nightmare. But it must be pretty fun to be an actor and say that you’ve done all of these things.

And that you’ve worn beige short shorts. This is so much better than yesterday’s camo look. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Bradley, his legs and that fine, fine butt of his. Are you as obsessed with this as I am? Sound off in the comments below!