Hollywood’s Most Powerful Women May Surprise You

When you think of the most powerful women in Hollywood, you may only conjure up the names of famous celebrities – but really there is a whole other side of the business that is seemingly forgotten, those women running the show behind the scenes. The Hollywood Reporter held its annual breakfast yesterday to coincide with the release of its issue of the most powerful women in the business.

And the list may surprise you…

Here’s the Top 10
1 – Anne Sweeney: Co-chairman, Disney Media Networks; President of Disney/ABC Television
2 – Amy Pascal – Co-chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment
3 – Bonnie Hammer – Chairman, NBC Universal Cable
4 – Oprah Winfrey – Chairman, Harpo
5 – Abbe Raven – President and CEO, A&E Television Networks
6 – Stacey Snider – Co-chairman and CEO, Dreamworks
7 – Donna Langley – Co-chairman, Universal Pictures
8 – Nina Tassler – President, CBS Entertainment
9 – Dana Walden – Chairman, 20th Century Fox Television
10 – Judy McGrath – Chairman, MTV Networks

It’s no surprise Oprah (seen above in Sydney with Russell Crowe and his wife Danielle Spencer)  is in the top 10, and even more unsurprising is that I really don’t recognize any of the other names, however here’s where some people that we do know rank:

Other notable mentions:
26 – Angelina Jolie – Actress
29 – Sandra Bullock – Actress
48 – Judge Judy Sheindlin – Television personality
53 – Kathryn Bigelow – Director
76 – Stephenie Meyer – Author of the Twilight books
100 – The Kardashian Sisters – Reality show stars, entrepreneurs

I love that individually none of the Kardashians can be on the list, so they just ‘klump’ them together (that’s how they spell everything) for this list. It’s still a shock that they are on here but I guess they are a bit of a business conglomerate.

Check out the full list here!