Hollywood’s Hottest Vice: Celebrity Smokers [PHOTOS]

Celebs Who Smoke Pot
These celebrities enjoy a toke every once in a while.
It’s hard being a celebrity, isn’t it. With the constant stress of all the cameras in your face, and the fans, and the money and power, it’s easy for anyone to become overwhelmed. So it’s also not a far stretch to think of why so many famous people today partake in the unhealthy, yet strangely attractive habit of smoking cigarettes.

Don’t get me wrong, the stench of tobacco on someone’s breath is an irrevocable turn off, but for some reason, the sight of someone like Ryan Gosling with a cigarette in his hand isn’t as hard to watch as one might expect.

Honestly, I think it depends on the person who is smoking, that determines if it’s a good or bad vice for them to practice. For instance, Charlie Sheen is still the blatantly in-your-face guy that we all know, regardless of him smoking or not. But pair a cigarette with Keira Knightly, and it automatically makes her look more bad ass. Maybe that’s a totally distorted way of looking at people. But hey, it’s an opinion.

Do you agree? Take a look at the gallery we’ve compiled of some of your favorite and also most unexpected cigarette smokers in Hollywood and decide for yourself.