Hollywood’s Digital Deaths

Celebrities are beautiful… even when they’re dead.

Jumping in the casket alongside Kim Kardashian is Ryan Seacrest, who will take on digital silence a.k.a the “digital death” to support new mommy Alicia Keys’ campaign to raise money for her charity, Keep A Child Alive. According to E! Online, a handful of celebrities including Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, UsherJennifer Hudson, Elijah Wood, Serena Williams, Swizz Beat, P Diddy, Janelle Monae, Kimberly Cole, David LaChapelle, Daphne Guinness and Bronson Pelletier, will rest in peace and not sign on to their social networks until $1 million is raised for World AIDS Day.

”Once I got people on the phone and I was able to paint the concept for them, everybody was in, ” said Keys. “We’re trying to make the remark, ‘why do we care so much about the death of one celebrity as opposed to millions and millions of people dying in the place that we’re all from?”’

Keep A Child Alive finances medical care and support services for children and families that are affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa and India.

I’m such a fan of the coffin photoshoot ever since Tyra Banks did the seven deadly sins on an earlier season of America’s Next Top Model - you know, when the competition was still fierce. God only knows what season they’re up to now.

This gallery is AWESOME, definitely check it out to notice the unique touches set up for each celebrity. Love Serena’s rose woven tennis racket and I half expected some Lord of the Rings reference to be in the casket with Elijah. And then, stay tuned for their “Last Tweet & Testament,” which will surely be as creative as this campaign just from the looks of the introductory YouTube video.