Hollywood’s Big-Eyed Cuties [PHOTOS]

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Search “How to make eyes look bigger” on YouTube and you will get over 104,000 tutorials.

That’s quite a bit so I must conclude, big eyes are extraordinary. Okay, perhaps I am bias but, whatever.

Just look at a puppy with their big eyes and tell me you don’t suffer from a cuteness attack. Now look at Mila Kunis’s eyes and tell me the same thing did not happen.

Kunis is not the only one that would convince us to give them anything with a look of their eyes, there are several other wide-eyed celebrities that give that mush, weak in the knees effect.

For example, James Maslow. Boy does he have some pretty peepers!

Also, Allure’s February 2012 cover and photo shoot with Zooey Deschanel focused on the quirky 500 Days of Summer actress’s bright blue eyes. We don’t blame them, her eyes and bangs make her fun to look at and is the inspiration for beauty risks. Of course, most of us fail at the “Zooey.” Bummer.

Load the gallery to view some favorite celebrity cuties with big eyes. Do it! I’ve got my eye on you…