Hollywood Prom 2007

So, I got an invite to attend this event:

The Crue, Ryan Cook,Owen / Xavier PR, Niki Shadrow and Hollywood Covered Magazine cordially invites you to attend and cover The Hollywood Prom on Thursday, January 25th 2007 at Boulevard 3, with red carpet arrivals commencing at 9:00 PM.

The event will celebrate the birthday of Crue founder Brad Hoss and will feature live music from “The Prom Kings” featured on the Mtv show (Twentyfourseven)

And since I now have one (count it ONE) whole red-carpet event under my belt, as well as smattering of various parties, I’m starting to realize how hard it is to understand just what it is you’re attending more than half the time. Clearly, from the invite, it was a birthday party, and that of Brad Hoss, but I didn’t know who he was, nor did I know what The Crue was either.

And when I googled The Crue, I stumbled upon the website of “the Midwest’s most notorious Motley Crue tribute band” and figured I was probably heading in the wrong direction. Finally, I found Brad Hoss’ MySpace page, a quick glance of which led me to understand that he’s a party promoter. OK, well, enough with the Internet research…

Many more photos and more details from the Hollywood Prom red carpet and party after the jump..

So, on to the party! The red carpet was of decent length and texture–very important at such events, let me just tell you. One of the first on the carpet was Dennis Haskins, whom you might remember fondly as Mr. Belding from “Saved By The Bell.” He guided the group of nominated prom queens, each decked out in tiaras and prom dresses, along the red carpet with such dexterity and ease that it was clear Haskins had done this before. Kudos, Belding.

There were a number of ANTM alumni gracing the carpet, including Joanie Dodds and Cassandra Whitehead. ANTM’s Michelle Deighton was pretty frisky on the red carpet, wrestling/dancing/pretend-making-out with MTV/Bobby Trendy mentee, Matthew Fashion. I have to admit, it got a little strange.

Daniel Franco from Project Runway made an appearance and a few girls in the red carpet were wearing creations of his, one of which was being worn by stylist/fashion show coordinator Niki Shadrow (whom I only recognized cause I happened to see her in Janice Dickinson’s Modeling Agency show in that episode where they did the Virgin Megastore event).

There were chicks from “The Hills” there (and some guys too–my forgetful ass is horrible with names) and I’m glad I at least got some pix of the group and some “American Idol” peeps too. Justin Guarini showed up as the date for one of the prom queen hopefuls who was in a dress that threatened to disappear lest she sneeze or sigh too heavily.

And rounding out the night was the “socialite” of Rome’s “The Bachelor,” one Miss Erica Rose, who informed me that out of all the chicks on the red carpet, she was the only one wearing a tiara made of real gold and diamonds.

After all the red-carpetry, we sneaked inside, got us some chocolate chip cookies, some drinks and made like it was real prom, leaving before any dancing started and got wasted in the parking lot before clumsily losing our virginity to football players. Cheers!