Hollywood Gone Hillbilly On MySpace: The Fallout Continues

Shanna Moakler wasn’t playing around. According to Paris’ people, that was her correct information that Shanna posted on her MySpace page. Every geek, slut, blood, dweebie and dickhead was calling Ms. Hilton and asking her if her refrigerator was running or trying to get her to undress over the phone. Which she probably did.

Paris Hilton received a barrage of phone calls from unidentified pests Friday night after Shanna Moakler published her cellphone number and e-mail address on her MySpace page. Hilton was in Las Vegas when “the phone calls started pouring in,” her rep told Page Six. The flack called Moakler’s actions “childish and mean-spirited” and said, “It appears to me that this woman is desperate for press and attention.”

I thought Shanna was hot when she punched Paris in the mouth. Now, I think there should be a monument somewhere. She’s wilding out! I once knew a vengeful lesbian who, when her girlfriend broke up with her, called Operation Rescue and told them that her ex was a doctor who performed abortions. And girlfriend got her house picketed. That’s about Shanna’s speed. Travis probably got back together with her out of stark terror.


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