Hollywood Foreign Press Luncheon Sees Stars Goof Off

More comfortable sticking to a script, celebrities rarely find themselves at swank event for which they haven’t written at least some sort of an acceptance speech or rehearsed an answer coached by a PR rep. However, at a luncheon on Thursday hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the stars had no problem just being their goofy, off-camera selves. In case you’re not familiar, the Foreign Press Association is the organization in charge of handing out the Golden Globe Awards and the purpose of the luncheon was to give out about $1.2 million to non-profit organizations and film schools. Hilary Swank, Peter Falk, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Charlize Theron were some of the stars in attendance. But it sounds like it was Jamie Foxx who was probably the most fun person in the room to be sitting next to.

Sam Elliott had trouble following the teleprompter, but “Heroes” star Masi Oka worked it like a pro, acting like a newscaster as he accepted a $40,000 gift for American Cinematheque.

“You sound like the Moviefone guy,” Foxx said.

As much as as Jamie probably was that night, I’d be willing to bet money it wasn’t nearly as much as when he managed to pull this off, which is NSFW, FYI.

Many more photos (Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Forest Whitaker) from the Hollywood Foreign Press Luncheon are after the jump.