Matthew McConaughey Bears the Hottest of Hollywood Chests

February 27th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Matthew McConaughey’s shirtless antics have not been for naught. The well-toned actor has received some esteemed recognition from a journalistic entity for his efforts. Matthew was named by In Touch Weekly as their number one pick for their list of “Hollywood’s Hottest Chests.” He was followed by David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, Jesse Metcalfe and Andy Baldwin. And I don’t really pay too much attention to those last two, but I have to heartily agree with the addition of Hugh and David to that list.

As for Matthew, the 38-year-old sports enthusiast says that he doesn’t necessarily go out of his way to around photographic attention when he’s walking around…doing his thing, but he’s also not going to make a big deal to try and cover up. “My motto is, ‘If they catch it, they catch it.’”

Funny, that’s my policy on STDs.

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Photos: Splash

By Lisa Timmons

  1. T-Bone

    Yeah – it’s real tough to stay in shape when you have all the money in the world and nothing much to do except work out.

  2. jerishere

    You know, i kinda lost some respect for this guy ever since I found out he’s not going to be marrying the mother of his unborn child…he just wants to be a single playboy forever; to each his own, I guess.

  3. jeff

    Um, David Beckham doesn’t HAVE a chest!

  4. Karen

    “Funny, that’s my policy on STDs.” Hilarious!

  5. Anne

    yeah..i really love this guy when he plays J. Lo love interest in Wedding Planner..the best ever tandem..

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