Hollywood Has Snow White Fever. Julia Roberts Jumps On The Train.

Hollywood has Snow White on the brain.  Universal will release Snow White And The Hunstman in 2012, and Relativity Media just announced that Julia Roberts will play the evil queen in their own update to the fairy tale.  If I had to choose a genre for the studios to battle over, it would be this.  I’m all for comparing Roberts to Universal’s choice, Charlize Theron.  Who will emerge the bigger bitch?

The Wrap confirms that Relativity’s version is a go, and according to the press release,  the film will be a “new … and modernized spin on the original classic fairy tale.”  I can’t wait.  Will it top Saved By The Bell’s Snow White rap opera?  Probably not, but I doubt we’ll be disappointed.  It seems that this version will be more updated than the traditional Brothers Grimm tale.  The story is still the same: Evil queen kills her husband’s kingdom and attempts to destroy Snow White.  SW will band together with seven dwarfs to take back what’s rightfully hers.  Snap.  Watch your back, Julia.

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The fairest Roberts in the land strolled around Rome searching for chocolates and children’s clothing.  The Oscar winner was in town to film a Lavazzo commercial for which she was reportedly paid $1.6 million.  The hand belonging to the gentleman holding hers does not appear to be hubby Danny Moder.  It’s Europe.  I think people hold hands with those note legally wed to them.