‘Holly’s World’ Stars Heat Up Summer

While Angel Porrino hosted a pool party at the Flamingo Las Vegas, her co-stars were fueding via Twitter. The feud between Holly Madison and Jayde Nicole, which mainly steams from Holly dating Jayde’s ex-boyfriend, is due to Jayde leaking Holly’s email address in a spam message to sign up for her fitness website.

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After that email came out, Holly signed onto Twitter and set out this tweet:

As we speak, Jayde sends me another spam email. Why would I lie about signing up for a site? And thanks for posting my email, you crazy! I could easily post Jayde’s personal contact info, but I refuse to stoop to her level. don’t sign up for shady fitness sites. the people running them might post your personal email, too. #NoClass”

Jayde’s response? She sent out a tweet about how Holly only signed up for a newsletter, not an actual membership.

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