Holly Madison: Restyle The Celebrity

Holly Madison's Boobs
She insured them for how much?!?!
Here’s the thing y’all, usually we love what Holly Madison wears. It’s fun, funky and lovely, but her dress earlier this week on the red carpet at the Stratosphere Hotel was anything but.

THAT OUTFIT: It’s no secret that Holly is a fan of leopard print, and she made sure to show that love off at the premiere of Pin-Up. The problem is, this dress is not at all flattering on her. It’s way too tight around her butt and stomach, which would have been fine if there wasn’t all that extra fabric wrapped around making her look way bigger than she is. So, how do we fix this? 

RESTYLE THE CLOTHES: While Holly’s middle has yet to lose all of the baby weight after 2 months, her legs are even better than they used to be, so why not something short to show them off? Also, while leopard print is great, maybe mix it up with different kinds of leopard print. Holly could try a dark colored leopard print, or a thicker leopard print that adds some funk.

RESTYLE THE HAIR: While Holly’s hair is lovely, it is just SO structured. You can practically see all the hairspray glistening to keep it in curls. What about softer curls? We’ve seen Holly do it before, and it’s gorgeous. Or! How about mixing it up with a cool, side bun? That would be beautiful with Holly’s facial structure.

Check out the gallery to see all the photos of Holly and to see some examples of our restyling suggestions. You guys got any restyling tips of your own? Let us know by tweeting us @socialitelife or share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.