Holly Madison & Her Boobs Celebrate Their FHM Cover [PHOTOS]

Lindsay's Playboy cover
Lindsay Lohan shows off her wares in Playboy!
Congratulations to Holly Madison and her boobs for finally getting their just deserves with an FHM cover. Holly, and her two most treasured possession–no really, she insured those babies and everything–were on hand to celebrate with a fabulous red carpet event at the Chateau Club & Gardens inside Las Vegas’ Paris Hotel.

Although, I must say, her boobs aren’t as prominent as they usually are. I do love the color of her and the dress is beautiful. In fact, it’s a far cry from what we usually spot her in, that being barely-there swimsuits. But you know, if you got it Holly, flaunt it. 

Check out all the photos in the gallery and tell us what you think of Holly and the girls. I wonder if she’s named them. I know Heidi Klum named her boobs Hans and Franz, so I can’t imagine Holly hasn’t named hers. Play and boy? Hugh and Puffin? Thing 1 and thing 2? Leave us your name ideas in the comments!