Holly Madison & Her Baby Bump Are Stunning In Green, Unveil James Bond’s Tuxedo [PHOTOS]

Megan's Baby Bump
Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are loving the bump!
Damn Holly Madison, you are looking rather fabulous with that baby bump of yours.

The former Girls Next Door star looked stunning in a green ball gown in Las Vegas yesterday (October 4) as she unveiled James Bond’s Skyfall tuxedo at the Planet Hollywood hotel. I’m loving all the James Bond festivities in honor of its 50th anniversary.

You know, Holly is a fair few months along, but that baby bump of hers is barely visible. Ugh, you know she’s going to be one of those people whose body stays exactly the same except they look like they have a basketball tucked under their shirt. If Holly wasn’t my favorite former Hugh Hefner girlfriend, I’d be more upset. 

Now, here’s a serious question: you know when celebs get pregnant and their boobs suddenly gain like 15 pounds, is that going to happen with Holly? As we all know those aren’t her real boobs, so is it possible for them to get bigger with like milk and stuff? Any answers on this topic would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure I could Google it, but you guys seem more fun.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Holly, her baby, her ball gown and Bond’s tuxedo. Not quite sure what Holly has to do with James Bond, but when she looks this lovely, who really cares, right?