Holly Madison Gets Her Boobs Insured For $1 Million

Do you know why I love celebrities? Because they do crazy things like insure their most treasured body parts. Marlene Dietrich insured her legs, Keith Richards has his hands insured, America Ferrera insured her smile and now Holly Madison can be added to that list. The former Hugh Hefner girlfriend and current Las Vegas Peep Show and Holly’s World star just recently insured her breasts.

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According to People Holly insured them for $1 million with Lloyds of London, the main hot spot for celebrity body part insurance. Holly told People she understands how funny it is, but is doing it to protect her role in Peep Show, where her breasts play an important role. “I’ve heard about people getting body parts insured and I thought, why not?, because if anything happened to my boobs, I’d be out for a few months and I’d probably be out a million dollars. I thought I’d cover my assets.”

I mean, her boobs are quite nice–especially in a barely-there bikini–and as she said, “I think it’s kind of funny. I think they’re getting the credit they deserve. They’re my primary money makers right now.” And she really likes to show them off, like she did on St. Patrick’s day.

What do you think of the insurance policy? In my opinion, if you’ve got the body part, and you love it, why not? Check out the gallery to see some super boob pictures and tell us if you think it’s worth the $1 million. Let us know in the comments!