Hold-Up! Lana Del Rey & Axl Rose Are A Thing?

Lana in London
Lana Del Rey visits the ITV studios.
Umm, let’s file this one under: Come again? Who knew that Lana Del Rey and Guns & Roses front-man, Axl Rose, had a thing going? Not I, said the gossip blogger. Lana and Axl were spotted late last night leaving Chateau Marmont together after what I can only assume was a wild night of drinking to excess. 

Turns out that Lana has always had a little thing for Mr. Rose. As TMZ points out, she even wrote a song before she made it big called “Axl Rose Husband” and attended a few Guns and Roses concerts. The former is creepy and the latter is really saying something since the current line-up has almost nothing to do with the original band, other than Axl. 

And what is up with Axl’s beard and hat? Lana is in to that sort of thing? This whole story just boggles my mind. Please, help me kind reader. Check out all the photos in the gallery then tell us what you think about this possible new couple in the comments. Yay? Nay? Confusion? We accept all.